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Displayed on the dashboard display, the firm has written: Don't Panic. Louis, Missouri, may have been suffering from postpartum psychosis when she murdered husband Matthew Trokey, 33, and their daughter Taylor Rose Trokey, before killing herself, police say.Postpartum psychosis, a disorder which can be triggered by childbirth, is known to cause delusional and irrational behavior, and in rare cases, can even cause the mother to harm her child.The brutality is a far cry from the friendly image South Korea wants to project (bottom right).Father-of-two DJ Kass released the Scooby-Doo Papa back in September but it took a You Tuber Lele Pons (left) from Venezuela with 30million followers on social media­ to make it viral.' Two additional photos posted by Christin appear to show her teenage daughter (pictured left with the highlights) with a very shot haircut, burying her face in her hand in one of the frames (right).

The images show around two dozen caged dogs in a freezing, darkened dungeon, twitching at the slightest noise, their nostrils full of the stench of slaughter.

From there it was just like an SNL skit, with the two drawing close and then pulling apartment, laughing and then fighting, and trying their best not to blush, giggle and flirt as the show's panel looked on in stunned silence.

A top California official who had an affair with a subordinate 10 years ago while he was mayor of San Francisco says a culture of 'toxic masculinity' is fueling violence against women in America.

Wentz announced his engagement Tuesday on Instagram. Yes, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau killed off 'mankind' because he finds the word offensive.

The couple has been dating since lat year following Wentz's split from his high school sweetheart Melissa Ulrich. In the new wave of modern feminism, the list of contenders for the coveted title of Chief PC Plonker is long and distinguished.

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And while the variety show's over-exaggerated imitation of the Morning Joe hosts has been a huge hit with viewers, Brzezinski and Scarborough proved on Tuesday morning that nothing compares to the real thing.

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  1. Prior to the 1940s, some aspects of apartheid had already emerged in the form of minority rule by white South Africans and the socially enforced separation of black South Africans from other races, which later extended to pass laws and land apportionment.