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Spektrs online dating

The proportion of Germans, Jews and Livs who had lived in the territory for centuries also plummeted.

One consequence of the Soviet occupation is the large number of non-citizens who live in Latvia.

The observatory will study interplanetary magnetic fields, galaxies, as well as more exotic objects such as black holes.

The spacecraft will focus its highly-sensitive instruments on a dedicated region of the sky and perform follow-up pointed observations of selected targets.

Since 2004, it has been a member of the EU and NATO.

The most developed and promising sectors in the Latvian economy are forestry, the production of ecological foodstuffs, the provision of transport services, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The original plan was to launch the satellite in 2012, onboard the Soyuz-2/Fregat booster.

On the Russian side, the biggest obstacle causing delays was presented by an X-band radio communications system for the spacecraft.

The mission’s three following years would be spent observing particular objects.Latvia’s intellectual, political and economic elite was lost because of Soviet repressions, as well as the fact that many such people fled at the end of World War II out of fear of the Red Army Latvia’s absorption into the USSR and its economic system destroyed traditional sectors of the economy.Soviet management and the Soviet lifestyle were imposed on everyone.“The mission is expected to be launched at the end of 2016 or beginning of 2017,” the company said in a statement, after a meeting of designers and manufacturers who participated in the development of the space-based observatory.The Spektr-RG astrophysics observatory includes five telescopes spanning the spectrum range from the far ultraviolet to the hard X-ray, making the craft an all-sky monitor.

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In 2010, more than 15 per cent of the country’s residents were non-citizens.

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