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Gifford’s singing talent and on-camera composure were not uncommon at the school, where televised arts and entertainment for Christian ministry was a heavy educational focus.

Osteen and Haggard replicated Roberts’ warm, down-to-earth speaking style and relentlessly positive messages, and they are but two of thousands of Christian ministers who consciously modeled themselves on Oral Roberts.

Students at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, don’t have a Gator Chomp or a Tomahawk Chop, but they do have an O: Whenever Oral Roberts would walk onto the stage at the school chapel, students would stand up, raise their arms into the shape of circles over their heads, and shout, "OOOOOOOOOOO!

But as this brief documentary by Nathan Clarke shows, prosperity teaching can take the form of a wishful and magical thinking with few discernible roots in Christianity’s scripture or historical witness.

Within our own borders, prosperity thinking is now being blamed for the collapse of some portions of the housing market—a complicated claim, but one with enough merit to give Christians pause.

The report alleges Lindsay Roberts was photographed 29 times alone with a boy in her car after midnight.

The report also alleges Lindsay Roberts and “the underage male” were shown alone together on Victory Christian School security tapes 81 times.“That was probably me,” Matthew Schwoegler said. Matthew Schwoegler’s statement does not address the report’s allegations that an underage male repeatedly moved into the Roberts house; that Lindsay Roberts and an underage male smoked at the Roberts house; that Lindsay Roberts and an underage male spent the night in an ORU guest house nine times; that three people, including “Mrs.

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He said that when he and Chloe Roberts started dating, he did not have a car, and Lindsay Roberts sometimes would pick him up and drive him back to the family’s house.

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