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This first fuck lasted about 8 to 10 minutes with doggy cock throbbing and squirting all this time, its the first time I have managed to orgasm twice in such a short period of time, just whilst being fucked.Slowly dog then relaxed and eventually slid out and at this point I could feel his cum really start to flood from me.Within 10 minutes of posting I had a message, just seeing that I had a message already I started to shake with nervous excitement.A flurry of messages in the following 24 hours, suddenly I am stumped by how to respond to one, nothing bad, just sometimes I don’t know how to respond (sorry).He thrust managed to thrust his knot in on the first long hard stroke and it just started swelling, dog cock felt hot not anything painful just an “Oh my god that feels so nice” sensation… especially as it felt that he was pulsating inside my pussy, feeling him squirt his hot cum, just filling me so much more than have ever felt.The owner, was asking if was I was ok, all I could manage to do was nod as I orgasmed, but yeah I felt way better than ok hehe.I just looked up at him, grinned and nodded, after about 20 minutes or so dog started licking at my ass and still leaking pussy.

So having written the 100th classified (all others deleted, as I chickened out just looking at the submit button) I got a grip and decided this is something I would rather regret doing than regret not doing and clicked that button that had been winning the stare outs previously.As such I write 10 possible, yet very wittery replies, each getting deleted, then I get brave again and press send on my 11th attempt at a response to his message.His next message managed to put me at ease somewhat and I we started talking on messenger.My inner thighs were trickling with his cum as just kept going, I mean I read how much there was and have seen clips…but really it is one of those moments where until you try it you wont believe it.

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eventually he arrived at 10.45am 10 minutes later I was setting off and boy was I nervous.