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In order to shed light on the timing of events and process rates, I have employed a large number of geochronological techniques over the years, especially optically-stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating.

To me, teaching at university is highly enjoyable and a key component of my daily activities.

This interest has culminated in the build-up of dedicated luminescence laboratory at QMUL.

Current study sites: Scottish Highlands; selected glacier forelands and lake settings in the Central European Alps; Swiss Midlands; Svalbard Understanding the formation of ice-marginal moraines is of crucial importance to correctly interpreting former glacier extents and dynamics.

I have applied luminescence dating to glacial, glaciofluvial and glaciolacustrine sediments in lowland and mountain areas to provide time constraint on the timing of climatically-important events, e.g. While some of this work has been largely methodological, highlighting the complications in some glacial systems (Lukas et al., 2007a), recent work has shown that modern Alpine ice-marginal and glaciolacustrine sediments are reasonably well-bleached and suitable for OSL-dating (Lukas et al., 2012).

My main aim is to systematically explore the potential of applying luminescence dating to glacial and associated sediments in other mountain locations to provide direct dates for sediments which can usually only be widely bracketed by radiocarbon ages.

Yesterday, Fantasia’s reps rushed to deny the accusations against Fantasia, painting her as next to godly with the heart of a pure Saint. Im not surprised that Fantasia took such drastic action.in computer and laboratory practicals) and aids a much deeper level of understanding through experiencing the real world through fieldwork.Therefore, my teaching interleaves the theoretical aspects through lectures, seminars and tutorials with practical aspects such as computer and laboratory practicals and field-based exercises and projects.This shortcoming can only be overcome if palaeo-data can be provided from glaciated areas for which no such data exist from other archives.Study sites: Scottish Highlands; European Alps; Jostedalsbreen, Norway.

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Younger Dryas, Holocene) and shorter timescales (e.g. The overarching principle of my research is the combination of multiple methods to arrive at a holistic understanding of the complexity of glaciated palaeoenvironments.

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