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Dating an er doctor

See more » Normally when I write reviews of films I have seen I open with a short plot summary – it helps me focus my thoughts on the film I have just seen and also provides a bit more information for any readers.

However with Carry on Doctor the plot is little more than a series of antics involving the patients and the doctors.

Dale's clumsy doctor is obvious and easy while Windsor is all breasts and Butterworth and Bresslaw don't have much more to do.

James is his usual self to good effect but I must admit that I liked the fact that Sims wasn't immediately recognisable as the sort of characters she usually plays.

In Season 1, Ross revealed to a patient that he had a son, and he tells nurse Wendy Goldman that he doesn't know his son's name as he's never seen him. Despite his jumbled personal life, Ross is a dedicated ER pediatrician.When Mr Bigger is being stretchered through some double doors following his X-Ray, he falls off the trolley onto the floor.In the close-up of an agonized Mr Bigger, you can see the pink uniform of the Nurse who later picks up Mr. In the next shot, showing the whole corridor, the Nurse appears after the trolley has been wheeled out of the double doors. Douglas "Doug" Ross is a fictional character from the television series ER, portrayed by George Clooney.George Clooney's removal from the main cast opening credits was in the 16th episode of season 5.

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  1. Leo began dating Kelly Rohrbach, a former prep schooler, D1 golfer, Georgetown University grad, and yes, Sports Illustrated model, in the spring of 2015. Leo and Rihanna apparently shared a "flirtatious" night in a Paris club in January, though tabloids reported the two had a fling going on long before. Rihanna denied it then—she was too busy to date anyone—but said if she had the time, her guy "would have to be man enough to live with my schedule and not get scared." ...