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To find the "article" and "discussion" tabs I go to the "Views" heading, but if the software has a find feature that would also be useful for finding the tabs. I know that it has a focus option but I think that one user has a problem where the focus starts in the navigation sidebar and not the article pane.I will ask for more details from them and make the suggestions that you have recommended above. Regards, (aeropagitica) , 4 December 2006 (UTC) I can't get the demo installed here, but I've been able to read the help files which can be found here.I still use JAWS 5.1 which doesn't read wikipedia's CSS properly (basically because it's Internet support is unstable even without full CSS support).I use the monobook skin because I've become used to its quirks.I know we can autoblock the IP when specifying a registered account but what about the other way?

Though I don't know if that's more useful or not...There are three settings that can be changed when users are blocked.When an IP address is blocked, either all users or just anonymous users of that address can be blocked.(The third option is to enable or disable autoblocks, which applies only when blocking a registered user).An administrator will take all of these things into account when blocking a user, so there's no need to worry – Gurch , 4 December 2006 (UTC) Hello!

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To find the text of an article I just move to the first heading - in wikipedia's case "From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia".

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