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Special features: Mob of classic gangster-themed cartoons: "I like mountain music," "She was an acrobat's daughter," "Racketeer rabbit" and "Bugs and thugs." 2008. Clips from films such as Men in Black and Close Encounters of the Third Kind and the quintessential space program, Star Trek are presented to illustrate the role science fiction has played in our quest for and conquest of the universe. In the 1930s, Hollywood studios enforced the Production Code, a set of guidelines for movie content, to answer growing charges of immorality. Video/C 6908 With nearly 25 years in the adult film industry and over 1,600 films to his name, Ron Jeremy is huge. While the earliest motion pictures were admired simply for their novelty, viewers soon demanded more.

Films reviewed: Alien -- Trip to the moon -- Star Trek -- Destination moon -- Flash Gordon -- 2001: a space odyssey -- Forbidden planet -- War of the worlds -- Men in black -- Village of the damned -- Day the earth stood still -- Invasion of the body snatchers -- Woman in the moon -- First men in the moon -- Dark star -- Close encounters of the third kind -- It: the monster from outer space. March of the Machines Part 3 looks at robots, one of the great figures in science fiction. The Code lasted 20 years and still influences moviemaking today. He's made millions of dollars and slept with thousands of beautiful women and is undisputably the industry's biggest star. DVD 1662 Examines the exploitation film genre in the United States. This program describes the discovery of sex as a surefire cinematic attraction and the outrages it provoked among religious and civic authorities during Hollywood's formative years. In what many see as Hollywood's Golden Age, the offices of William Hays and Joseph Breen worked overtime to combat sexuality and subversion in American movies.

Hart, Raymond Hatton, George 'Gabby' Hayes, Herb Jeffries, Ben Johnson, Tom Mix, Roy Rogers, Jane Russell, Randolph Scott, John Wayne. Following the neo-realists, the giallo films represented a radical break with Italy's cinematic past. Shirley Jones hosts this entertaining and historical document illustrated by film clips and interviews.

Using clips from classic films and comic strips this episode examines science fiction's obsession with technology, from robotics to computers, from cyberspace to the technological development of weapons. Who -- Johnny Mnemonic -- Sleeper -- 2001: a space odyssey -- Godzilla -- Them -- War game -- Terminator 2 -- Dr. As feature films continue to cause controversy, the question remains: do movies reflect--or cause--social behavior? Classically unhandsome, big and harry, he is a pop icon to millions. Includes interviews with some of the producers and directors of these films (known as Roadshowmen), along with scenes from and trailers for some of these films. Documenting the rise of William Hays as the arbiter of movie morality--and the studio system's answer, after the Fatty Arbuckle fiasco, to the threat of government censorship--the program explores the artistic and cultural shock waves created by Theda Bara, Rudolph Valentino, Erich Von Stroheim, Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Jean Harlow, Busby Berkeley, Mae West, Barbara Stanwyck, and many other early film luminaries. This program examines the products of that era--films that danced around the standards of the Production Code and paved the way for increasingly daring storytelling and images.

Strangelove -- War games -- Mad Max 2 -- Destination moon -- Moonraker -- Forbidden planet. Living in the Future Part 4 examines science fiction movies that project into the future of mankind. Includes scenes from: Forbidden daughters, The road to ruin, Hollywood script girl, Maniac, They wear no clothes! From the modesty of It Happened One Night to the shocking and nearly prohibited use of "damn" in Gone with the Wind to the ambiguous morality of Double Indemnity, the program surveys the achievements of Clark Gable, Hedy Lamarr, Errol Flynn, Lana Turner, Rita Hayworth, Jane Russell, Cecil B.

Analyzes structure in classical painting, in still photography, and in motion picture photography, demonstration that the same principles are inherent in all three. This is followed by an "instructional clip" that shows the same scene again but with synchronized voice-over commentary about the use of film language it illustrates. Video/C 2525 Presents a portrait of people who work in adult entertainment, a business bigger than the music industry. DVD X3936 Explores a number of films from a psychoanalytic theoretical perspective with close readings of some of the most intriguing and celebrated films in cinema history. Shedding light on the release of The Pawnbroker and director Sidney Lumet's historic confrontation with the Legion, the program showcases the forging of the Motion Picture Association of America's rating system and the eventual association of the "X" classification with pornography.

The program is interactive allowing students to go directly from the introduction, to any of the five lessons, to supplementary information about the classic films or to the glossary of film terms used in the program. Filmed over a period of more than a year, ten different stories unfold, delivering insight into the personal lives of people in the adult movie business. Serving as guide is the charasmatic Slovenian philosopher and psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek, who delves into the hidden language of cinema uncovering what movies can tell us about ourselves. The impact of AIDS, the struggle against child pornography, and the creation of the NC-17 rating are also illuminated. DVD 8854 Contents: "Includes rare footage and excerpts from:" Coney Island (1917) -- The Ten Commandments (1923) -- A Woman of affairs (1928) -- Reformers (1913) -- Fatty and Mabel adrift (1916) -- Life of the party (1920) -- Isle of love (1918) -- Ella Cinders (1926) Hollywood had become a fairy-tale city of fabulous wealth and dizzying success, when a series of scandals shattered the dream.

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Features startling clips, rare archival footage and revealing interviews with the films' directors, distributors, exhibitors and supporters. Anderson produced and starred in hundreds of westerns.

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